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Rental and Gym Tariff Increase from 1st April 2024

5 March, 20245 March, 2024No comments

Please find our new Tariffs effective from 1st April 2024. It is never pleasing having to notify our customers of price increases but unfortunately, they are necessary to meet our operational costs. We have incurred significant price increases over the last year, our energy costs alone increased by 50% and the insurances by 11.5%. We are a Registered Charity, and it would be remiss of the Trustees and Management Team if we couldn’t balance our books.

There are positives over the year; we have invested in a lot of new equipment (over £38,000 spent), either replacing very old equipment, where we were struggling to keep it serviced, or bringing in new kit to enhance our offering to you. This has only been achievable thanks to grants and by drawing from our financial reserves.Gym members currently paying by standing order will need to adjust their payments via their bank, these cannot be done by us. Gym members currently paying by cash or card may wish to consider switching to Standing Order as these rates are lower than the current cash/card prices.

Gym Tariff:

Joining Fee/Induction

Adults                                                  £30.00

Full time Education (Max age 25) *         £15.00

Peak Membership

Annual (Card/SO)                                  £352.00

Monthly (SO)                                         £35.00

Monthly Pass (Cash/Card)                       £39.00

Off-Peak Membership

Annual (Card/SO)                                   £242.00

Monthly (SO)                                          £24.00

Monthly Pass (Cash/Card)                        £27.00


65+ **

Annual (Card/SO)                                    £300.00

Monthly (SO)                                           £30.00

Monthly Pass (Cash/Card)                         £33.00

Full time Education (Max age 25) *

Annual (Card/SO)                                     £267.00

Monthly (SO)                                            £27.00

Monthly Pass (Cash/Card)                          £30.00

Single Session                                         £7.00

10 sessions (Valid for 4 months)               £58.00

* Proof of full time education and age required

** Proof of age required

SO = Standing Order

Rental Tariff:

Prices per hour for bookings. Off Peak mornings, weekends, and Friday evenings. Junior rates apply to hall and court bookings which are exclusively for the benefit of Under 18’s.


Whole Hall                                               £39.00

Whole Hall (off-peak)                               £33.00

Whole Hall (junior)                                   £23.00

Whole Hall (junior off-peak)                      £18.50

Half Hall                                                  £25.00

Half Hall (off-peak)                                   £23.00

Half Hall (junior)                                       £16

Badminton/Table Tennis Court

Peak                                                        £10.50

Off Peak                                                   £9.50

Junior                                                      £7.50

Buffer Room                                           £9.00

Dance Studio                                           £16.00

As always, if there are any questions or concerns then please do get in touch. The Sturfit Team

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